Log out of wayfarer account missing

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  • Issue category: Developer Tools / VPS / Wayfarer
  • Device type & OS version: Android / iOS
  • Issue Environment : On Device

Bug reproduction steps:
Not sure if this is a bug or not but i can’t log out of my 8th wall acount in the wayfarer app. There simply isn’t a button that allows me to do this.
When i’m on my lightship account i can sign out and switch to 8th wall but not vice versa:

Only solution is to uninstall the app and reinstall it, deleting the scans i made in the process.

Hi Merijn, we checked the app through 8th Wall on iOS and Android devices and we weren’t able to reproduce. After you reinstalled the app are you consistently getting the ‘Sign Out’ option or does it still disappear?

Hi Bill,

So i just tested this on my android device to double check and there were no issues.
What i found out is that on iPad, the UI doesn’t scale properly and the sign out button gets obscured by the footer menu (map/logbook/profile).
By the way I’m on version 2.2.0 (2.2.1) via Testflight that released 8 days ago.

So for phones it’s no problem, on tablets it is.
For me it’s not an issue though since i don’t work on 8th wall projects, just thought i should let someone know about it :slight_smile:

Thanks for following up on this Merijn! Tablets gave us some trouble in Lightship and it looks like they’re going to be harder in 8th wall as well. I’ll notify engineering to see if they can get this fixed