Looking for a lightship dev buddy to learn and grow together

Hello everyone of Lightship,

My name is Peng Han. I am from Malaysia. I am sincerely asking if you might be interested to be my lightship AR buddy. I believe this journey is tough and lonely, so if there is a buddy everything will be easier as we motivate each other, share knowledge and ideas, and seek help from each other.

I am a mural artist and I have been building AR for my artistic works.
My mural AR application

I was previously using AR Foundation to achieve my AR applications. I have fundamental Unity and C# to write simple AR applications. I have also been self studying AR from all of Youtube, Zenva, and Udemy. I am still a beginner when it comes to AR applications.

Therefore if you are also a beginner exploring AR, hope that you wouldn’t mind to explore it with me. I wish to learn and grow with you as a lightship AR buddy on this journey. Here is my email, and my discord for anyone who wishes to contact me. Or simple just reply below. I will be in this forum for some time being.

Discord ID


Thank you for reading this, have a nice day to you.

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