Maps access to Wayspots?

  • Issue category: Lightship Maps
  • Device type & OS version: Android / iOS

Hi - pretty basic questions about the abilities of the Lightships Maps API. Does it have the capability to return Wayspots in the area (Pokestop / gyms / general points of interest). I’m not talking about the new VPS stuff, just normal points of interest used in Pokemon GO, etc. If this capability exist, could you please point me to documentation / sample discussing this?


The vps system is the same wayspots as pokemon go afaik. Just don’t use the localization stuff and only get the wayfarer locations

Hi Michael,

Lightship’s VPS isn’t intended to be used to query information about locations in Pokémon GO, so as such the APIs don’t contain anything related to specific Niantic products.

Kind Regards,
Maverick L.