Mesh using include depth and occlusion

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  • Issue category: Mesh
  • Device type & OS version: Android
  • Host machine & OS version: Windows
  • ARDK version: latest
  • Unity version: 2019.4.29f1

Description of the issue:

I think when saving mesh, the device save location. Is it right?
If so, how can I set objects on mocked meshes in Unity?
What I want to do : In device, I want to detect the location and the mocked mesh. If the mocked mesh detected, then the set objects show up. Like your example at Coachella. But not using segmentations.
And the set object need to adjust occlusion and depth, either. Like your example using One-piece character, but what I want to do is set route.

There are tutorials only make or save meshes, not use meshes.
So I leave here FAQ.

Thank you.
I will wait your answer.

Hi Moris, sounds exciting. Yes, you are able to save mesh. Our Advanced Tutorial: Meshes in the Unity Editor displays the information related to saving mesh files. The steps on how to set objects on mocked meshes can be found under number 5 in our Depth Textures Tutorial. Don’t hesitate to contact us if more help is needed.

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As you said, I am trying the Depth Texture tutorial.

If I want to use the mocked mesh, then is it necessary to set up the layer as 8:ARDK_MockedWorld? Then, how could I set up the layers of contents on mocked mesh?

I don’t know the process of the phone detect “Oh, this place is same as the mocked mesh.” So it is confusing to set the contents on the mocked mesh.

Thank you.
I will wait your answer.

Hi Moris, thanks for your patience. This will shed some light on your issue with the code:
Yes, it is necessary to add the ARDK_MockWorld world layer. You can find the exact steps on adding the layer in the depth textures documentation:
This tutorial on intermediate meshing may help you as well with the mocked mesh. You will need to add a MockMesh object by clicking add component and typing “mock mesh” in the search box. There’s also more information on meshing here: I hope this helps.

Hi Moris, I hope your issue was resolved. Please open a new topic if more help is needed. Thanks.