Meshing not working when "local network" permission not requested on IOS

ARDK 1.2
Xcode 13.2.1
Unity 2020.3.11

I’m not 100% sure about this but it seems like when installing my app onto some client iPhones - the meshing can’t initialise. If i check the permissions between the versions of the app (on the same phone) where it does work and where it doesn’t - “Local Network” is missing from the ones where it doesn’t work.
I guess the dialogue should pop up if it’s needed but it doesn’t always seem to.
Could this be related to the package that the meshing needs to download before it can get started - and that’s why it won’t start? There are no other errors in the log indicating that anything’s gone wrong with setting up the meshing.

Hi Ross, what’s the iOS version of both iPhones, host machine, and which phone is showing the local network missing? Where exactly are you seeing local networking missing?

Also, did you give permission to access the local network? Thanks.

Hello I could see that the “local network” permission wasn’t set in the IOS settings app - the dialogue asking for permission never appeared. it’s an iPhone X I think - will have to check the IOS version and get back to you. Thanks

Hi Ross, I hope your issue was resolved. Please create a new topic if you need more assistance. Thanks.