Missing Experimental namespace

Description of the issue:

Hi there.
I installed last ARDK version, with unity 2022.3.24 following “Setting Up Lightship ARDK”
guide steps. OS windows 11

I also added:
Shared AR
Maps SDK
Vector Graphics

in order to use the ARDK samples,
but then I am missing Experimental namespace, don’t know why.
Any help?
Thank you

Hi Guy,

I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble getting Lightship up and running. It sounds like you’re trying to run our samples? Our samples are distributed as an independent project you add to your Unity Hub; rather than assets you add to an existing project.

To test out our samples. Browse to: https://github.com/niantic-lightship/ardk-samples and either clone the repository or download the source code from the Releases page. Save the archive somewhere you can find it.

  1. Extract the archive you’ve downloaded (.zip or .tar.gz);
  2. Open the Unity Hub;
  3. Select the chevron (arrow) next to Add on the Projects pane and select “Add project from disk”;
  4. Double-click to open the project. If prompted to download the Unity version (Most likely 2022.3.21f1) and you have a newer version of Unity already, change the version to the installed version.

Should you encounter any errors, please take a look at https://lightship.dev/docs/ardk/setup/ as information differs a bit based on Unity version.

Kind regards,
Maverick L.

Hi Maverick,

thank you for the help.

Although, required Unity version is yet another one, missing libraries disappeared.
However, I have some other errors, in the ARDK samples projects like a NullReference that is another mistery to me.
I checked the components and the scripts but I still don’t get what it is missing.

Hi Guy,

I’m sorry to hear you’re still having issues getting the samples up and running! That NullReferenceException is related to the AROcclusionManager not being located in the DepthDisplayDemo script.

To fix this, expand the XR Origin as well as the Camera Offset GameObjects in the Hierarchy to display the Main Camera GameObject. Next, select the DepthDisplayDemo GameObject in the Hierarchy (on the left) and, in the Inspector (on the right) drag and drop the Main Camera onto the box labeled Occlusion Manager under the Depth Display Demo (Script) section in the Inspector. If you’re struggling to drag and drop the Main Camera due to the Inspector window changing, you can “lock” the Inspector onto the DepthDisplayDemo GameObject by clicking the little padlock icon at the top-right of the Inspector window. Similarly, you can also hit the target icon to the right of the Occlusion Manager box and select the Main Camera GameObject from the subsequent pane that pops up. What’s helpful about this pane is that it will find GameObjects in your scene with the relevant components for a particular property that is expecting them (i.e. in this case the AROcclusionManager).

This is what your Inspector should look like if all the properties are set properly:

Kind regards,
Maverick L.