Monetization of Lightship-enabled apps?

Very excited about the platform - it replaces many things in our current project’s development plan!

Question here for Niantic - the terms of use say “You agree not to charge any fees to users of your Application(s) where such fees are solely for access to or use of the Niantic Developer Platform or Niantic SDK or for any content, data or information provided therein.” Does this mean all Lightship apps need to be free (promotional, informational in nature), or can developers have in-game monetization or charge for a Lightship-enabled app? Are there some on line resources describing this you can point to?

Thanks and looking forward to exploring!

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Hello David, thanks for writing in. Allow me to take some time to go over this with my team and I will get back to you as soon as I have an answer.

Hey David, I just chatted with the team about this. That line in the TOS only prevents you from charging others for the use of the platform itself. Though, that does not prevent you from building a service with the platform that is monetized.

Hello David, I have received a response from Niantic team regarding your question as follow:

Lightship has no requirements around how developers monetize their app experiences with end users. The terms mentioned here are meant to restrict the ability for a developer to resell the ARDK itself or resell our services directly to other third parties. In-game purchases, promotions, and paid-for apps are totally fine.

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