More to a general question that need specific criteria clarity for scanning

Hello , I am writing this since i have a question about activation of lightship AR / 3D mesh activation. So i’ve been scanning several locations for a while (with ingress) and some of them (of course) being an invalid scan, okay scan, and good scan, and i understand for some of the invalidation. Beside the mentioned “area too dark” invalid criteria , there’s a criteria that mention something about the subject focus. While i also scan for several random road near the object (*sorry) , but some valid things are also sometimes considered ineligible for meshing. I want to ask , how accurate is the scanning need to be and how much data would it for lightship to activate the 3D AR scan with a good quality? Is there any human who check lots of submissions? Also another extra question, how much would it need to submit wayspot scan only in one range of time , since some of them are inaccessible on a certain time. Thank you.

Hello Steven,

If you visit this Portal Scanning documentation, there is a section titled Portal Scanning Technique about halfway down the page that describes best practices for scanning and includes a video for reference that you may find useful. Submitting scans over various times of day and in different weather conditions is recommended for best results.

That document should answer all your questions, but please feel free to reach out again if you have any other questions.