My lightship app appears in the PlayStore for unsupported devices

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  • Issue category: Visibility in PlayStore
  • Device type & OS version: Android / Not supported Arcore.

Description of the issue:
Hi, Lightship uses Arcore to work right? However, my app in PlayStore shows up as available even on devices that don’t support these services, unlike ARCore which simply doesn’t show up as available for download. This has caused issues where anyone can download the app, but when they open it, it simply doesn’t work or displays an incompatibility message. It would be very helpful if my app didn’t appear on devices that don’t support ARCore. How I can get this?

In other words: Lightship uses Arcore but how can I make the manifest “detect” Arcore on the device so that my app doesn’t appear on unsupported devices?

I wrote to Google and they gave me this forum to try:

It didn’t work and they told me that when using a third party app I have to contact the Lightship team directly.
I have tried to put it in the Android Manifest but when doing so it always gives me a gradle error, which does not happen when I do not add anything from the previous link.

Thank you so much.

I achieved it by reading documentation and implementing the Android dependencies from this link:

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Hello Trazendente,

I’m glad you got it working! And thank you for posting your solution so others may refer to it if they have a similar issue!
Please don’t hesitate to reach out again in the future should you come across any other problems.