NetworkedField's ValueChangedIfReceiver spammed even when there are no changes

ARDK 1.2
iPhone 13

Hello, as the title says - when using NetworkedFields I seem to be getting spamming - even though the value is not being changed at all.
so with this…

var auth = Owner.Auth;
var descriptor = auth.AuthorityToObserverDescriptor(TransportType.UnreliableUnordered);
_health = new NetworkedField<float>("health", descriptor, Owner.Group);
_health.ValueChangedIfReceiver += OnHealthChanged;

I’m getting the OnHealthChanged function constantly called - even though _health.SetIfSender(100f) - is only called once (on the frame it’s initialised.)

not sure if that’s expected behaviour?

To help understand what is going on, are you able to provide more information please?

  1. What is the use case for what you are trying to accomplish?
  2. What script are you using this code in?
  3. If you are checking for health updates through NetworkedField are you only wanting it to check once?

Hello, it’s been some time since more information was requested, yet I haven’t heard back. If you are still experiencing this or other issues please open a new topic on the Lightship Community Forum at: