Networking Error code 501

Issue category: Networking
Device type & OS version: Samsung S10 running android 11 (project set up to build for android 10)
Host machine & OS version: Windows 10
Issue Environment: On Device
ARDK version: 1.0.1
Unity version: 2019.4.33f1

Description of the issue:
I’m trying to connect my device to a network session in the low level networking example but keep receiving the error code 501.

Took a look at the documentation but didn’t find anything about this specific error code in the error code section under the networking section.

Double checked API key and everything seems in order and on device it also doesn’t log anything about it missing or there being duplicate ArdkAuthConfig prefabs.

Anyone else that has had this issue and knows what is causing it and/or how to fix it?

Hello Jens,

We are sorry you’re having networking problems. Could you please download the latest version of ARDK? You can find the latest version here:

Hello Jens,

We wanted to reach out to you and see if we could help you further? Is your problem resolved? Please let us know if we can help.