New Niantic Wayfarer iOS app has problem

I updated Niantic Wayfarer iOS app to version
After that, I login to my 8thWall account and chose the correct Workspace.
But, if I scan and upload Private wayspots, I don’t find them in my 8thWall account.
Unfortunately, I lost it. It’s very unhappy for me.
In previous versions Niantic Wayfarer app, all was good.
I hope, you can help me.

Hi Constantine, what is the email address you’re using to log in to the Wayfarer app? We can use that to try to track down what’s going on with your scans

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Thank you, Bill.
My email:

But I have answered from @lan in slack community (8thWall):

Unfortunately, for version 2.5.0 this build contains an issue where private scans can not be uploaded. The team is currently working on a fix and will be sending out a new app version very soon. We will updated you all as soon as we can when this is available

Thank you!
Today I watched my lost wayspot! Thank you, so much!

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Thank you for updating us @AR.TEAM . Our team worked to restore these. We are in the process of fixing the bug and the new build will be available early next week at the least. Will post here when that’s done to update you.


Hello @AR.TEAM,

I wanted to let you know that the Wayfarer app 2.5.1 is now available on iOS TestFlight and Android Play Store! This version contains various bug fixes, including the issue you experienced where private scans do not appear in your account.
Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. Thank you!