Niantic Wayfarer developer help with Unity

Hey guys I was wondering if this situation was possible…

Am I able to upload a scanned Wayfarer wayspot (mesh) into unity and create dynamic scenes based off the location/recognition of that scan?

For example this is what I’m looking to do:

  • Scan my room with the Wayfarer app
  • Upload the private scan to Niantic’s servers
  • Import that mesh into Unity and add objects to the scene
  • Export the Unity app as an iOS app that will be able to recognize the location/scan that I uploaded (my room) to Wayfarer and include the objects I’ve added to the scene with Unity

If this is possible can someone point me in the right direction in the docs or a YouTube tutorial?


Hi Christopher,

It sounds like you can benefit from using our Remote Content Authoring tool. Let me know if you have any other questions.