Obtain Wayspots gps location, hint image and tittle


so im working with a vps project. I found out that the #CoverageAPI is only for VPS enabled wayspots.
I was wondering if there is a way to obtain a list of wayspots instead of VPS enabled wayspots.

Where I live there is 0 public vps wayspots, but there are a few wayspots. Does exist an API to obtain the existing wayspots in the nearby area?


Hello Diego,

Currently Niantic does not offer an API for gathering information on public wayspots. However, you can use the Wayfarer app on iOS and create your own scans. The Wayfarer app should be available for Android some time in July.

Is it possible to gather information about the location of a private wayspot? actually what its geopositin is?

Hi @Daniel!

The latitude/longitude of the device is recorded when generating a private scan, and you can find that information on the My Meshes page of the Lightship portal located here.

@rob_link and what about vps activated way spots? Am I able to get that information during runtime?

If you’d like to get information about nearby VPS-activated wayspots, you’ll want to query the VPS Coverage API.

With this API, you can retrieve a list of nearby VPS-activated wayspots. Each LocalizationTarget that gets returned by the API contains a unique identifier, a pair of latitude/longitude coordinates, a name, and an image that’s intended to help guide the players to the VPS-activated wayspot location.

This doesn’t answer my question very well - I asked if I can retrieve this information of a PRIVATE scan at RUNTIME in code.

Hi @Daniel,

Unlike the metadata information about current VPS-activated wayspots which can be retrieved from the VPS Coverage API, the metadata associated with a private scan location is not currently available at runtime and is only available via the My Meshes page of the Lightship portal.