On-Premises Server


Is it possible to run multiplayer games complelety inside our own network? Is there server that we can use on-premises? We love the easy multiplayer implementation but we work for a special kind customer type and most of our customers don’t like the idea of any data leaving their network.

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Hello Burak,
Thanks for writing in. We are investigating further, but my initial response is no, we do not support running multiplayer inside your own network in the lightship beta. We will keep investigating and let you know what we find.

Ahh that is a bummer. Please let me know if you find out more. Thank you.

@Burak_Karaceylan Jason is correct - for multiplayer, our networking server and player co-localization functions are tightly integrated and it would not be possible to set up a separate server and still be able to localize players moving within their environment. We are considering separation of these functions in the future so that a creator could run multiplayer on their own server/networks, but not available at the moment. Thank you for your feedback as we weigh this future feature.

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Thank you for yoru response Amanda!