Placing a Castle on top of the real existing ruin

Hello everyone,
I’m new here.
I want to bring an almost destroyed castle back to life in the city where I live with an AR-App. I´ve got the model of the castle in Blender and tried already some AR-Things Image tracking in Unity and Vuforia. But the problem is, that I can only visit the castle through the phone from only one direction. (I used the still-existing door as an Image reference)
I heard about Niantic Lightship and the VPS. -thing. I could Imagine that this could solve my problem until I read a thread, where someone explained, that I can only scan small objects and not whole Buildings (or destroyed buildings).
Does anyone have an Idea what I can do?
Because the ruins still exist, the tracking needs to be exactly so the virtual castle sticks in the right place on the phone above the ruins.

Hi Paul,

That is correct, at the moment large buildings such as castles are not yet supported. It doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t give it a try, I would still encourage you to see if it works because we’ve had some users in the past have some amount of success with larger scans that are typically not supported.

Just do keep in mind that due to the size of the structure, there isn’t a guarantee it will work and we may not be able to provide support (or very limited support) for a large scan if it doesn’t work for your use case.

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Hey… Jesus? :]
Thanks for the answer. In every VPS Tutorial, I saw was the virtual Objekt Smaller than the scanned environment. Do you think it’s possible to just scan the door of the ruin and then place the big virtual castle on it so that the virtual object is much bigger than the scanned environment?

That is an option, but similar to scanning, VPS can’t track overlayed 3D objects that are too large. I would still encourage you to test it out because it’s possible that it can still work we just can’t give any guarantees that it will