Placing Scanned Mesh Exactly Where It Is Scanned and Uploading to VPS

How do you place the scanned mesh exactly where it is scanned (?)

The example for scanned mesh extracts the mesh but does not indicate how to position and rotate the mesh precisely on top of the scanned real world specimen


For uploading for VPS, you are not uploading the mesh itself but uploading the raw scans of Wayspots. So you can just use our scan target API and upload API to handle upload for Wayspot scans. The “scan upload” scene in ARDK examples app has the sample code on this, and you can also find more about the details here: Scanning for VPS — Niantic Lightship Augmented Reality Developer Kit release-2.5.1 documentation

Hope that helps!

This does not address the first part of my question, which is how do you place the scanned mesh precisely on the original object in reality.

We don’t have a way to georeference scanned models, but you can design an AR view in your app and load the mesh to manually place and orientation in its original position.

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Are you using VPS Remote Authoring? If so, you can overlay the scanned mesh in your scene by creating an anchor with no translation or rotation. Then place the mesh from the mock wayspot at that anchor’s location as the associated prefab.

The mesh’s coordinate system is the same as that of the anchor.