Public Wayspot submission language

Hi, when creating a new Wayspot or editing created Wayspot’s Title/Description etc. - can all that text be in the local language, or should it be in English? We’re not sure if the text can be reviewed/approved for a public Wayspot if it is not in English?

I imagine fair number of devs work in English speaking areas, but if Wayspot locations and end users aren’t in an English speaking region, can the Wayspot be created in local language? My concern is, how would that text be reviewed/approved on your side.
It would be nice to have this clarification in help files or even as a tool tip in the Wayfarer app.

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Hello Zir,

We don’t differentiate how we review nominations based on the language used in the content of the submission, so please feel free to submit wayspots in the local language.

I have also passed along your suggestion to add this clarification in the help files or Wayfarer app to the team. Thank you!