Respond to emails

It is a great feature when enabled. I write an email and someone from the company responds.

It is an amazing feature - I hear many others are using this in commercial projects, would be appreciated if Niantic could install a reply to my emails feature!

Hi Cam,

Looking through your post history it appears that you did make a post back in December and we did reply to you but we never heard back from you. I do see that in that post you said you tried reaching us through an online contact form. May I get a link to that contact form for reference? Additionally, if you’ve tried contacting us via email (not through a form or community forums) may you provide the email you’ve been contacting as well?

We’ve gone through our inbox and do not see an email from you other than the post you made in the community forums.

If your questions still revolve around the usage guidelines for Lightship, can you please write your questions here to ensure that we do get back to you?

Thank you Jesus,

I am watching these posts but not getting response notifications when someone replies.

I am looking for an email address or contact information for a representative from Lightship to discuss your privacy policy. I have a large corporate entity wanting to use this tech but due to the nature of the scanned environments it violates your privacy policy. I am located in Australia.


the form I used to contact Lightship was on this page