Runtime Camera Permission not working

i am using VPS and before i start the VPS Scene, i ask the android peprmission for camera and location service. The popup pops, yes, at the exact timing i wanted to. But even i check Yes for the permission , I can’t use camera || location service just right after i got permission. I have to close the apk file and than run again if i want to use camera || location service . What is the reason, and what should i do?

Hi Olivia,

Are you able to provide the Android logcat output so that I can take a look at what’s going on with the Camera permissions? May I also know how long you wait before ultimately closing the app?

I would also recommend going to the Apps setting on your device and double checking that location and camera permissions are enabled in case the device isn’t actually switching them on after you allow them.

ok but i want to go through it first. What keyword or tag should i check through the log cat log?

Hi Olivia,

I don’t believe the logcat provides any good way of filtering out by keywords through Unity (at least not that I’ve been able to tell) so what I usually do is hit Ctrl+A (or Cmd + A on Mac) to select the entire logcat and then just copy and paste it into notepad or your preferred word editor and do a word search for “camera”