Saved Private Scenes for non-development use-cases


I’m new to Lightship, coming from ARFoundation.

I want to know if the following use-case is possible with LightShip:

I want my user to be able to scan their environment, instantiate objects in the scene and then save the scene. They should then be able to return to that AR scene and have their objects spawn in the same place.

I understand that this is doable with Private Scans but according to the docs they are only for development and testing - I want to enable our users to be able to populate their own private spaces with digital objects.

Hello Daverin,

You are correct in that this is doable with Private wayspots but that they are to be used only for testing and development, not for published projects. They are only available to your developer account and localizable within apps that use your API key.

You can create your own Public wayspot to use in published projects if there is some sort of notable area or object nearby, but this cannot be located on private property, in an unsafe location, etc. If there is a Public wayspot nearby that is not yet VPS-activated, you can add scans to it and activate it as described in our Lightship documentation.