Selecting a private wayspot

  • Issue category: VPS
  • Issue Environment : On Device
  • ARDK version: 2.3.0

Description of the issue:
We are building a project framework to host our own content in privately scanned wayspots, it’s the only way to make it work since we have very specific spots that we’d like to augment, not always openly accessible and therefore not applicable for a public wayspot.

While out scanning, a teammate made 6 scans of the same wayspot and uploaded them to our meshes collection, when we try to localize this spot with our own added AR content it doesn’t spawn in the anchors. This is because instead of scanning the spot we want it localizes with whichever scan of the wayspot it finds first. We can’t delete or deactivate the meshes on the dev portal however so the only way we’d fix this is by creating a new account.

My question: Is there any way in-app to pick a wayspot to localize against or is there a way to combine the wayspots we do have into 1 location like public spots in the geospatial browser do?

The way i ended up working this out is by deleting all the duplicate scans and only keeping 1 private scan per object.

Hello Merijn,

I just wanted to verify if you’ve found a solution to your issue? Looking at your last reply it looks like you may have resolved it.

It also seems that you’re using private scans for a production project. Please note that private scans aren’t meant to be used in that manner and are only for the purposes of development and debugging. Please keep in mind that we don’t officially support full production development with private scans at the moment.

If you require any additional assistance please let me know but since this is an unsupported use case we can’t guarantee a solution.

Hey Jesus,

Thanks, we have indeed settled on a solution for now. We are just working on some proof of concept projects at the moment, i understand that it’s not the intended use but we do have plans to use private wayspots in production builds since we don’t have another option for these locations.
For example we have plans to scan a set of locations in theme parks, museums or zoos but these are not allowed to be public since they aren’t publicly accessible, this leaves us with private spots which localize relatively well with 5 minute scans on an iPad pro.