Session Initialised: Failed - Waypoint Template

  • Issue category: VPS

Description of the issue: When running a project on iOS, it comes up Session Initialised but also says “Failed” underneath. Any idea what this is?
I am using the Waypoint Anchor template.

Hello AR_Darryl,

Could you please verify that you have only one API key in your project and that it was set up properly? You can search in your Project window for any extra ArdkAuthConfig assets and delete them if found. Also, please check that you set up your API key according to the instructions found on the Templates page under ‘Install Lightship Hub package.’

If you have already set your API key up correctly, please be sure to also check that your location services are on and that the app has been granted location permissions.

You can also check that your wifi/network connection is stable and not causing any issues.

Please let me know if any of the above helped solve the problem or if you would like further assistance. Thank you!

Hi Stacy,

It’s resolved. Not entirely sure what I did, but after deleting the app on my phone and reinstalling it was fine.

Thanks :slight_smile: