Shared AR object interaction

MacOs 13.0.1

  • **ARDK version2.3:
  • **Unity version*2020.3.36f1 *:

Android s10 v12
Android s8 as peer v9

Description of the issue:
I’m running into a couple of different issues pertaining to the shared object interaction template. The first being it takes an extremely long time for the object to appear. Even when it’s just the host. Does this have to do with the object being shared over network? Once it’s placed the expected interactions, shrink/grow and spin work just fine from both devices. I don’t seem to have the same placement issues with the Shared host and Peer example, the cars appear right away when I tap a plane.
The second is more of a question, if I wanted a player to physically touch their phone to an object and have it move, this would usually be done with colliders and rigidbodys. However this interaction doesn’t seem to get broadcast and updated on the other phone on the network. How would I go about broadcasting the physics interaction. I think this is how the hockey or pong examples would function, but I haven’t gotten either of them to work yet.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi Andrew,

I was able to get similar behaviors on the template as well. The rocket was taking too long to instantiate into the world but everything else worked fine. I did notice some issues in the logcat where not all the taps are being registered. I will get back to you on this as soon as possible.

Based on your question about passing a collision to other peers in the networked session, it seems like you’ve only had a chance to take a look at the Templates and ARDK Examples package. Have you had a chance to take a look at our networking tutorials for the High Level API and Low Level API? They give a much more detailed rundown on the Pong game with a good explanation on how all the parts work to communicate with each other.

Thanks for the reply. I did an out of the box build for the HLAPI and LLAPI. But didn’t have much success, going to follow the full tutorials today. Hopefully that will answer some questions.