Surface LocationFailureReason to WayspotAnchorService flow

Summarily, I have created several Private Wayspots and have yet to see a successful Localization to any of them in my test app. I will create a Stuck post for resolving this issue if internal and side-channel conversations don’t go anywhere, but independently of that, it seems like some manner of explanation of any Localization Failed state, and ideally, any extended delay in the Localizing state, would be generally very beneficial for debugging. I see WayspotAnchorController has a dedicated LocationFailureReason that handles outright Failed cases, but nothing similar exists for WayspotAnchorService afaict, and the Service flow is definitely easier to get a handle on as a new user.

Oh, and as an aside that’s probably easier to remedy, the documentation for WayspotAnchorServiceConfig, as I’m consulting the raw API docs for workarounds, lists bool ContinuousLocalizationEnabled as The max number of wayspot anchor resolutions per second The default value is false. , which smells inaccurate. interface IWayspotAnchorsConfiguration (Niantic.ARDK.AR.WayspotAnchors.IWayspotAnchorsConfiguration) — Niantic Lightship Augmented Reality Developer Kit release-2.0 documentation

Hello NNDev,

Thank you for your suggestions! I will pass them along to our team for consideration.

In regards to your scans, has it been more than 4 hours since you’ve uploaded them? If you could please provide us with your email associated with your account and Mesh ID’s for scans that are stuck in the ‘Processing’ phase (found on the ‘My Meshes’ page of your developer portal), we will have the team look into them.

Please note that only private scans will be processed within 4 hours and appear on the developer portal. Thank you!