Testing on windows without a mobile device

I am currently on Windows but only have an iPhone. Is there a way to test a simple application on Windows only (maybe using a webcam or the phone camera remotely), before I figure out how to either get it on the phone or buy a used Android for experimentation?


I found this in the documentation:

Developing on Windows

ARDK’s native plugins are built for iOS, Android, and MacOS, and will not load on Windows machines. While developing on Windows, there may be DllNotFoundExceptions in the Unity console due to attempted native calls. These will not block building or development, but native networking in the Unity Editor will not work. Also, the Remote Debugging application will run at a degraded frame rate due to not compressing ARFrames while connected to a Windows machine.

It’s unfortunate because I do have a MacBook Air, but ARDK doesn’t seem to work on M1 platform. Looks like I’m currently stuck in platform limbo :innocent:

Hello Diogo,

The Niantic team is aware of the issue related to using ARDK on Macs with M1Chips and is working to support this in future versions. The estimated release for the fix is Q1 2022.

Using ARDK Mock Mode, you can test mock scenes in the Unity editor on Windows. The “Getting Started” sample application available at Getting Started with Niantic Lightship - YouTube demonstrates using mock mode.

For experimenting on device, if you don’t have access to a macOS workstation you may be able to find a workaround by searching the internet. But please keep in mind that these kinds of workarounds aren’t officially supported.

@Diogo_Neves , we have a work around for the M1 Mac issue posted here. Please check it out and let us know.

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