The emitted particles do not follow the 6 degrees of freedom

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Tools / Developer Tools / Networking

  • Device type & OS version: Android / iOS
  • **Unity version2020.3.27:

Description of the issue:
I have particles just like the snowdrops in my scene. The emitted particles do not disappear when I move forward or backwards on Android devices. My particle simulation is the world simulation, and the render order is the distance order.
Can anyone help me with that?
6 degrees of freedom resource

Hey Ash,

In order to help you we need some more information. Specifically could you tell us what particle system you are using?
Also could you include the following information:

  • What version of ARDK you are using,
  • What device type/os you are using, and
  • What host machine/operating system are you using?
    Thank you in advance for further information.

Hi, Jason
Unity 2020.3.27 windows editor
ARDK version 1.2.0
Device A52s 5g Android 12
Unity Particle system = world simulation,

Hello Ash,

Thank you for the information. Is there something in ARDK that you suspect is causing problems with the particle system that you’ve described in your post?

If not, this question may be more of a general Unity question. While we won’t be able to advise for general Unity questions that do not relate specifically to ARDK, we are definitely open to leaving the topic open for the community to respond to.

If this does end up being related to ARDK we can take a look.

It is related to the world-scale property in the ARSessionManager. For achieving the 6DOF, we needed to tweak the value

Hi @Ash_Shiravand, apologies, it looks like we haven’t addressed your issue. Were you still looking for information on getting this to work? If so, please let us know.

Any additional information that you can provide would be helpful for getting to the bottom of what’s happening here. For example:

  • Screenshots of the scene hierarchy for you project, including component values in the inspector.
  • Any custom scripts that you are using that relate to the feature.
  • Any error logs that occur when using the feature.
  • Steps that you are using when you run into the issue.

Thank you!

Hi Ash, we’re here if you ever want to revisit this. Feel free to tag me in the thread if you do. Thank you.

Tnx David, I fixed my problem via changing the world sale, if you need more information, please tell me to share it with you

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