The Example is locked from using any script that I create?

In this Lightship menu example, I can use the custom class that I created with no problem.
However, when I use the ARDK example that was downloaded from the lightship website, In the wayspotAnchors scene inside the Wayspot Anchor Example Manager script, it seems it is blocking everything?


Thanks for sharing these screenshots with us.

Based on the first screenshot, it looks like you are making changes to the script while in Play Mode. Changes made while in play mode are temporary and will reset once you exit out of play mode.

I would recommend you to modify the script once you are out of Play Mode and see if the errors still occur.

Also, it looks like you are trying to use GameAnchor, which is not in the API which might be the reason to give you an error, so please make sure you have included the API which you are trying to call into the ARDK example package.

Please let me know if this helps resolve your issue.