There is no indication that additional scans have been performed on already activated VPSs, and there is no indication that this is reflected

I have a question about the behavior of the Niantic Wayfarer beta after uploading scanned data.
A VPS-activated Wayspot near my work location was scanned and uploaded about 25 times because the VPS accuracy was Low. The upload itself completed successfully.

However, when I look at it in Geospatial Browser, nothing has changed as it was right after the VPS activation. I thought that by implementing additional scanned uploads, the status of Low would change and the scanned data would increase, but nothing has changed.

Once a Wayspot is VPS activated, will it not update with additional scans?
Once VPS-activated, is it not possible to download the 3D files uploaded from additional scans or improve the accuracy of additional scans?


Sadao Tokuyama

Hello @Sadao_Tokuyama!

Much of Niantic is currently away on winter holiday break, so it may take some additional time to investigate this issue on your behalf. We will post additional information here as it becomes available. Thank you for your patience!

Hi, @Sadao_Tokuyama!

This occurs when uploading additional scans to an existing VPS-activated wayspot. At this time, we have to file a request to update the wayspot to include additional scans. For this particular request, we will need the wayspot ID and the email associated with your account – which can be sent via direct message if you prefer.

Hi, @rob_link
Thank you for your reply. I would like to apply, but I don’t know where I can find my wayspot ID. Please advise me.

Hi @Sadao_Tokuyama! The wayspot ID is actually found within the Geospatial Browser. However, I was able to locate this on your behalf and escalate the issue already. This process may take up to seven days, so you will want to check the wayspot next week to ensure the additional scans have been added to the wayspot.