Tracking Large Buildings

Hello everyone! I was wondering if it is possible to track buildings using VPS.

I know that the documentation says that ARDK doesn’t work well with large objects, such as buildings and “Scanning Best Practices” advises to scan distinctive features/locations from a 1-1,5 m distance which is obviously not enough to scan the whole facade of the building. But I am interested in how demos such as in the attachment were made. Is it a combination of different Lightship features, like semantic segmentation and VPS?

I was trying to create something similar as in the demos by scanning a part of the building and then placing AR content accordingly above the building. However, after moving 8-10 m away from the scanned building part to see the whole AR content, tracking was lost and I couldn’t see anything.

Any help or suggestion on how to recreate this would be appreciated!

I think (haven’t tried tho) google geospatial would be a better fit for this