Triggering(?) different waypoints

Hi All

I have multiple waypoints that are buit into my app. I assumed (wrongly I suppose) that Auto Tracking in the AR Location Manager would take care of switching between the different waypoints when you pointed the camera at them.

I am wondering then if it’s a simple case of having a bit of code to check where you are and turn on/off the local waypoint or do I need to implement Maps at this point???

Are there any tutorials you could point me to? I couldn’t find anything specific in the 3.0 documentation (unless I’m looking in the wrong place).

Thanks for your help.

In the ARDK 3.0 samples you can look for the shared vps example. This shows you how to load wayspots in a given area, you could use that to find the wayspot that’s closest to you and start tracking that one. Or turn on wayspots that are within a given range like you’re trying to do.

Hi Gavin,

I believe what you’re looking for is information related to localizing against a Wayspot. Check out our Localizing with VPS ( and Creating Location AR Experiences with VPS tutorials (

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Maverick L.

Thank you. Lots to wrap my head around :slight_smile: