Troubleshooting object placement on ground

Is it possible to do a tutorial on how to solve object placement?
for instance I have a scene where the characters are floating on what should be ground amongst other questions I have… But I’m not sure how to correct the problem.

Why do objects vanish?
Masking tips
How to automatically put characters in valid parts of the room and not in walls or floor?
How to add a shadow for mobile devices (making an integrated shader inside of the samples would be so useful its so boilerplate to getting things to look real and shows off the product you have built!)
Case studies might be used to highlight answers to common difficulties.

Hi @Natalie_Clulam ,
does the problem with the ground also just appear now since SDK 2.0? (like i described here)

Hello Natalie,

In order to better assist you with this issue, can you please share the following information:

  • What OS are you building for? Android, iOS, or both? (if possible please include the version as well)
  • What OS are you building your project on? Windows or Mac?
  • What ARDK version are you using?
  • What Unity version are you using?

Additionally, if you’re basing your project off of any of the sample scripts in our ARDK Examples package, may I know which scripts you’re using?