Unable to delete private VPS meshes on dev portal

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  • Issue category: ARDK Documentation / Developer Tools / VPS
  • Device type & OS version: -
  • Host machine & OS version: Windows / Mac
  • Issue Environment : Dev Portal
  • Xcode version: -
  • ARDK version: -
  • Unity version: -

Bug reproduction steps:

Unable to delete private VPS meshes. According to this article, there’s a “Manage Meshes” but I don’t see it anywhere on the My Meshes page.

Hi @Justin ,

I reached out to Niantic a while ago about this and they told me the following:
" I checked with the team in charge of the Lightship portal, and I’ve been informed that there are scheduled updates in the coming weeks that will alter how we access and manage our scans. I’ve also confirmed that the current iteration of the My Meshes page has the thumbnails removed intentionally, and that the updates on the horizon are set to improve the overall experience. Stay tuned! "

I also have a problem with this. Since I have more than one private meshes of a certain area, my app often localizes to the one that I haven’t assigned a manifest to and misses the location I have a manifest for.

I think if I delete the redundant private locations and keep just the one I need, my localization process will not need to be repeated many times until I get it right.

This is exactly the situation i’m stuck in too. In the past, deleting those duplicates did work to localize successfully.

Hello @Justin et al.,

@Merijn_Kersten is correct in relaying that there are updates and changes coming to the Lightship portal in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I’ve let the team know about this issue and will update this thread as more information becomes available.


@Merijn_Kersten @Manos_Tsotros @Justin
We can use the Geospatial browser to delete private scans/meshes. Huzzah!