Upgrading ARDK from 2.5.1 to 3.0

Dear Niantic Team,

we as a company developing on a bigger project which relies on ARDK. The news that ARDK now supports AR Foundation is awesome. However since we are developing this for a while(1+ years) it is needed to update from 2.5.1 to 3.0. But using your “great and detailed” migration guide as you described it in the presentation video is actually very very cheeky, almost a joke to be honest. We would actually welcome if you could write an actually detailed migration guide for this update since we are fighting with the migration since a couple of hours and have an incompileable project where no end is in sight.

Looking forward to your detailed migration guide. Thanks :slight_smile:

Greets Danex


Hey Daniel,
Just as a reminder, we are on Beta 1 of the ARDK 3.0 and just as the features, the documentation is a work in progress that is prone to change and improve as we get closer to the official release.

Having said that, if you need help migrating I’m going to need specifics. “this is bad, make it better” is just not constructive feedback for me and I can’t really help you get unstuck with just that either.

What are you getting stuck in? What information are you trying to find that’s not there? What are the errors that you are getting that you can’t find the solution to?

Hi @Gilberto! I’m just trying test your examples from niantic-lightship/ardk-samples and facing with issue → DllNotFoundException: ARDK assembly: type: member:(null)
Niantic.Lightship.AR.LightshipUnityContext.Initialize (Niantic.Lightship.AR.Loader.LightshipSettings settings, System.Boolean isDeviceLidarSupported, System.Boolean isTest) (at Library/PackageCache/com.nianticlabs.lightship@99ba3966301d/Runtime/AppContext/LightshipUnityContext.cs:95)

Can can you give some advices for safety upgrade from 2.5.2 version? Also I didn’t find where I can set MockEnvironment, like in 2.5.2 version

@Andrey_Backulev ,
So lets start with the mock environments as that is the most direct answer:

As of now, ARDK 3.0 does not have Mock environments like 2.5.x. We recommend using the playback functionality to test instead.

On the dll error, can you walk me through how you tried to test the samples and when are you seeing this error? Is it when running a sample, when building to device or when opening the editor?

Finally on upgrading, you can read our guide here but if you have specific questions let me know.

Error apearing when I starting sample scene from repo

@Andrey_Backulev , quick question but have you enabled long paths on your windows machine?
(Reference : Maximum Path Length Limitation - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn )

Yes, long path enabled.

hmmm I need some way to reproduce this in order to help you… can you walk me through how you downloaded the samples and are trying to build the samples?

I downloaded samples from git via zip archive. Unzip in empty folder and opened with Unity 2021.3.24f1. Then just entered in PlayMode.

Hi! Do you have any updates here?

Hey @Andrey_Backulev ,
sorry for hte lack of response here, I’m checking in on previous tickets and was wondering since we’ve had a couple of releases since, have you been able to run the samples?