UX/Quality of Life observations

  • Issue category:
    ARDK Documentation
    Unity Example Package / Sample App ‘Wayspot Anchors’
  • Device type & OS version: Android
  • Host machine & OS version: Windows
  • Issue Environment : Unity Remote / Unity Mock / On Device / Dev Portal
  • ARDK version: 2.0
  • Unity version: 2021.3 LTS

This is all UX stuff rather than bugs, but I thought it might be helpful to fire it through. :slight_smile: If there’s a better place to report this kinda stuff, please let me know.

Observation 1 - Documentation:
Lightship Hub files are not on the downloads page ( Sign in – Niantic Lightship )

I went to try out the new Lightship Hub feature after installing all the packages on the downloads page and was surprised to realise I’d missed it - because it’s only linked on the Templates tutorial pages, not on the downloads page itself.

Observation 2 - ARDK Upgrading documentation
This might just be a newbie dev issue, but I’m unfamiliar with best practise for upgrading an already installed custom package (I tried googling but it all refers to Package Manager packages).

Today I wanted to upgrade my existing 1.3.1 project to 2.0, but couldn’t find any advice on how best to do that in the Lightship documentation. I wound up making a fresh project with 2.0 and transferring my assets to it, but it’d be great to know what the ‘official’ method is.

Observation 3 - Canvas scaling error in WayspotAnchors example
This is an easy fix - the Canvas Scaler in WaypointAnchors example scene is set to Constant Pixel Size, so when I opened it in Game view it looked like this:

Switching it to Scale With Screen Size fixes it, but I figured I’d mention it in case y’all hadn’t spotted it yet. :slight_smile:

Hello Jess,

Thank you for all your suggestions! We are always trying to improve the user experience, so we appreciate all the feedback. I will pass your observations along to our internal team for consideration. As a note, Bug Reports are generally reserved for fixing issues that result in errors or broken functionality with the ARDK, so I will switch your topic to Feature Requests.

In regards to upgrading an existing project from an older to newer version of ARDK, the best way is to simply delete all the old ARDK files and import the new ones. For instance, if you had imported ARDK 1.3.1, ARDK Examples 1.3.1, and ARDK Mock Environments 1.3.1, be sure to delete all 3 of those folders from your Project first, then import the ARDK 2.0 packages that you need. This will bypass the need to create a fresh project. Thank you!

Excellent, thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

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