VPS - Going from Fair to Good

When a wayfarer has a lot of scans, over 100, and is rated Fair, how exactly does it convert to Good? When I take five scans and get it VPS-Activated again, is the rating based on the average of all 100+ scans, making it a lost cause, or as I upload good scans, do Fair ones get removed, or start taking up less of the rating?

I’ve got a lot of wayfarers Good ratings with just 10 scans, so it has nothing to do with my video quality (iPhone 14 PM).

Hello Jesse,

Scans taken by developers will be prioritized during the mapping process regardless of the quality score they receive in the Wayfarer app.

Although not guaranteed, additional scans often do improve the quality score. These additional scans are usually used to improve existing meshes and therefore will not always create new meshes.

Please note that the score in the Geospatial Browser is related to how likely someone will be able to localize against the wayspot, but there have been instances in the past where this wasn’t updated properly. If you provide us with the wayspot name and coordinates, we can look into your specific wayspot further.

It took about 170 scans, but I finally got it’s required Good rating for Overclock.