VPS mesh data during runtime

My team and i are looking at creating a location-based physics game where it would be very useful to have access to the mesh of a VPS location after successfully localizing it. Would it be feasible to download a (low-res verson of a) mesh that is connected to said VPS waypoint/location?

Hello Merjin,

Thank you for your interest in this feature.

You can only download a mesh for your Private VPS Location that you can use for development purposes. Please refer to the downloading-meshes link to see how you can download the private mesh data.
We would suggest you to generate your own private scans while on-location and save them to a binary file to be transferred to your own project by following this tutorial.
Also please refer to Advanced Tutorial: Meshing and Collisions documentation where you can use an ARMeshManager component combined with the MeshColliderChunk mesh prefab (step 6) to generate a mesh of the environment at run-time that supports collision detection.
This would allow your players to interact with the environment with physics-enabled GameObjects, and help you to make sure that the collision mesh reflects the current environment instead of relying on a potentially-outdated scan from the VPS service.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the quick reply!
I have made some apps already with realtime meshing that have collisions, this worked quite well but on slower devices it took some time to scan the environment first so i was hoping we could load a pre-scanned mesh from within VPS.

Your idea of saving private scans and loading them into a VPS location payload would work for our private waypoints so i’ll give that a shot!
Also i do understand that this situation is quite specific and your concerns regarding the out of date meshes is very valid, which i didn’t consider when asking the question.