Want to make sure lightship VPS can do or not

Dear all,
I found Niantic solution via internet, I feel lightship framework is a powerful framework for AR.
Since I have project which has AR requirement, I would like to know the Lightship can do these or not. my requirement as below:

  1. when people want to create event on street side, then just stay street side simply lunch app click button and create event then show a 3D model in area.
  2. Other people will get notify and get location(may be a geo-location data), and app will direct people to close to the place via AR view.
  3. when people close to place, the created 3D model from creator will be found then click model to join the activity in app.

Does it can do in lightship ARDK? Since I have been check document for lightship VPS, it doesn’t mention the VPS doesn’t related geo-spatial such as latitude and longitude…I just worry how to handle the “direct to place” process…

Every information will be appreciated. Thanks a lot.


Hello Andy!

Our VPS maps do have latitude and longitude information.

Check out our How to Place Content in Real-World Locations Using Location AR for more information on placing content at existing locations.

For creating your own locations near you, check out How to Manage Private Scans. In my experience, it should take less than one day for private scans to be available in the Geo-Spatial browser.

Currently as of November 3rd 2023, we do not support players creating and sharing their own maps. Maps must be created and maintained by developers.

Thanks for checking out Lightship!

Thanks for your information, it is so useful.
So in app, when we create a gameobject in space, than we can get latitude and longtitude via lightship VPS API, am I right?

Moreover, when we know a position information(latitude, longitude) in current location, we can use postion data to create a gameobject in view space?

Thanks for your answer.


After I check, the position data (latitude, longitude) get from Geospatial Browser. How about we get postion data in app and place gameobject (Unity 3D model). directly not use browser?