Wayfarer Access

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  • Issue category: Wayfarer Access

Description of the issue: How do I access the Wayfarer app on my iOS if my Niantic email address account is NOT associated to my Google or Facebook logins. I would expect that my Niantic account would let me access it but only accepts Google and Facebook login at Niantic Wayfarer

Hey @Heath,

The Wayfarer site is a different thing from the Wayfarer app, since you kind of refer to both in your question here are a couple of things to note.

If you are trying to access the Wayfarer app follow the instructions provided here. Once in the app, you should be able to login using your lightship dev account.

The wayfarer site you linked is meant for the wayfarer explorers program, and you are correct, in order to login you would have to associate your game accounts to a google or facebook account.

Let me know if you meant the app and if you got any other questions or if it’s the site, and then this would probably be more of a feature request.