Wayfarer Android app - multiple Wayspot submissions

Hi, I was creating a new Wayspot and got an error message in the Wayfarer Android app “UNKNOWN_ERROR” (sorry, didn’t think to take a screenshot at the time) with a [Retry] button. Since there was no option to save all my input for later, I picked Retry. Got this message few times in a row. Eventually my submission went through.

Bug: now I see in my Lightship.dev account that all my submissions went through and are Pending. This created multiple duplicates of the same Wayspot. The Wayspot title is [Bus Stop “Biała II”] if you want to look it up in your system.

Possible steps to reproduce: intermittent Internet connection.

Sorry about that - I’ve created several entries for your reviewers and there is no way for me to retract the extras. Maybe add an option to retract pending Wayspot submissions to lightship.dev portal?

Also, it would be useful to be able to see submissions list and their status/details in the Wayfarer app, but that’s only a ‘nice to have’ since portal functionality is good enough.

Hello Zir,

Could you please also include the latitude and longitude coordinates of your wayspot so that we may look into it?

And thank you for your suggestions! I will pass them along to the team to consider adding to the Wayfarer app.

Please note that much of the team is off today due to the holiday, so you likely won’t get an update until tomorrow at the earliest, but I will check in with you again as soon as I have any information. Thank you!

Hi, the POI coordinates are: 51.784486, 22.583748
Also, note that the duplicate submissions went through, but without a cover photo. Text description is there for the “failed” Waypoints, but they all miss the main photo. The last Waypoint that went through with a “Success” message did receive the cover photo as normal.

Hello Zir,

Thank you for the details!

I have passed along this information to the team to look into. We are constantly working to improve the Wayfarer app and the wayspot process, so thank you for your feedback!

If you have any questions regarding your wayspots in the future, please visit the Wayfarer Community Forum for support. In the Support and Feedback category, you will find sections to appeal Invalid Wayspots, Location Edits, Title/Description Edits, and other Miscellaneous topics. Thank you!