"Wayfarer app" crashes & "Pribate Scan State Processing"

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  • Issue category: VPS Wayfarer app
  • Device type & OS version: iphone11 pro iOS16.1
  • Issue Environment : On Device

Description of the issue:
“Wayfarer app” crashes & “Pribate Scan State Processing”.

After scanning, “Scan Successful” and “Upload Successful” were displayed.
However, it does not become Active from the VPS Status Processing state. And “TOTAL SCANS” of the application shows “No scans found” and the record of scanned data is also gone.
When I close the app, it says ““Niantic Wayfarer” has crashed.” Every time I close the app, the message “Niantic Wayfarer has crashed” appears.

I have tried the information on the Forum, but without success.

I would appreciate it if you could help me.

Hello Noriko Horie,
This issue has been fixed. Please make sure to update to the latest release & try again.
Let me know if this helped or if further assistance is needed.

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