We really need access to Lightship Maps for Unity Beta

Issue category: Real-time Mapping-Depth / Unity Example Package / Developer Tools
Device type & OS version: Primary iOS, Secondary iOS and Android
Host machine & OS version: iPhone, iOS

Hey all!

We are creating a quite ambitious AR game and our hope was that the Maps for Unity would have launched before we reached our current milestone. As it’s not launched yet we would really need, and appreciate, if we could get access to any beta? :blush:

Does anyone know if this is possible?


Hi Viktor,

Thanks for reaching out and excited to hear that you plan to use Lightship Maps in your game! Private beta is closed but the good news is the public beta launch is coming soon (by the end of May). We’ll be sure to reach back out once its available.

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That is fantastic news! Thank you so much, we are really thrilled and can’t wait :smiley:

We really appreciate you taking your time to answer us and bring such good news!

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Hi @Visse!

Wanted to circle back to let you know that Lightship Maps for Unity is now live!