What version of ARCore does lightship use?

Hey I was wondering what version of ARCore ARDK is using behind the hood. Ive been getting build errors related to “meta-data#com.google.ar.core.min_apk_version@value=191106000 in :arcore _client: collides with another value” so Im wondering if im not having matching ARCore versions, ive tried using the min and max of the apk version but it didnt change anything unfortunately.

Hi Scott,

ARDK uses ARCore version 1.15.
It seems you might be importing a different version of ARCore (maybe through ARFoundation or Unity settings). This causes conflict with ARDK’s AndroidManifest version.

Hope using ARCore version 1.15 will resolve the errors you are observing.

Hey thanks for the answer. I wasnt able to resolve the issue due to Unity doesnt even allow to download ARCore that old but it doesnt matter. I was trying to do AR Foundations in some scenes and ARDK in others for a test. But upon further research and reading other forum posts it sounds like a bad idea to do so. Either ARFoundation would have to run on such a old ARCore that it wouldnt be worth using it, or if we did get two different versions of ARCore working I read from another dev that that includes extra overhead for all AR.

The only reason I was trying to use both is because I already have a project thats a year into production using ARFoundations, but now that ARDK is available it much better suits our purposes, so we were hoping to kind of make all our new content with ARDK without having to convert all our ARFoundations content over, or start the project over.