Why the VPS coverage only show predefined location instead of real world VPS activated location

I have opened another topic about VPS activated location, and they said if it is activated, I should be able to detect and find it in my VPS coverage API app. But the problem is even that location is activated. My VPS coverage API only display the location that is predefined by me in the VPS coverage responses scriptable object. If I can only display and guide my user to the location that is predefined by me. What’s the point of the VPS-activated location? or is there a way that I can get the data from Niantic and add those locations to my VPS coverage responses list?

Hello @Aaron,

If you’d like to test the coverage API in the Editor from different locations, you can use the SpoofLocationService class to provide coordinates to ARDK’s location service, allowing you to view available VPS-activated wayspot information from the Coverage API from anywhere in the world.

You may want to view the VpsCoverageListExample sample scene that is shipped with the ARDK Example Scenes package that can be downloaded here. This scene contains a GameObject named ListLoader that has a script attached that demonstrates the spoof location functionality.


The VpsCoverageListExample sample scene displaying VPS-activated wayspots near a spoofed location.

Can you please let me know what Runtime Environment you are using, live device or mock? and the Lat_degress of your spoof location

The Runtime Environment setting is set to Live Device, and the spoof location I used for testing purposes is at latitude 40.68915 and longitude -74.04436.