word scale map and visualization

Hi, recently I have developed a prototype similar to Pokemon Go using Unity AR-Foundation and MapBox.
I just started experimenting with ARDK and by exploring the ARDK I found ARMapController.CS and ARMapVisualizationRenderer.CS but I didn’t find any documentation or tutorial for that.
I want to know if ARDK has its own map integration or I still need to use third-party SDK for word scale map and visualization like Map-Box or Google?

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I was wondering and expecting the same thing.

Perhaps this part of the SDK is not ready yet?

Hi Zopyre, It looks like the documentation that you mentioned does need some updating - we’ll set up a feature request to get that looked into!

About the geodata services integration question, this isn’t something that’s included in Lightship right now. We are still in the design phase for this, but there currently aren’t any set plans or timelines to share around such features.

Please also see our roadmap - https://storage.googleapis.com/nianticweb-media/lightship/lightship-roadmap.png
We will continue updating this roadmap as we push out releases: minor releases every ~6 weeks, major releases every ~6 months. And, we will update the community when we have more to share on this topic.