ARDK 3 in Unity to Web

With the release of Unity 6 and advanced web deployment options, it would be awesome to be able to publish our Unity Lightship projects not only to iOS and Android, but the Web too.

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This probably is more up to Unity to start supporting webAR with AR Foundation. Only then Lightship can port to it. Know that niantic also is pushing 8th wall hard (which is amazing as well)
Right now WebXR had been on the roadmap under consideration for over a year, so also comment on the unity roadmap!

I recently attended Unite and had the opportunity to speak with a Unity engineer about WebXR support. They informed me that there are currently no plans to support it in the near future.

Their focus is on first establishing a full and stable support for web platforms before venturing into XR. They recommended exploring third-party solutions for Unity, such as Needle Engine.

Additionally, as Dylan mentioned, Niantic has been working very hard with 8thWall. Its performance on the web is outstanding, and they also offer some impressive features for WebXR

Hi Tobias,

If you’re looking to create an excellent web-based AR experience, I’d highly recommend 8th Wall (

Maverick L.

To add to this, WebXR is on the Unity roadmap under ‘under consideration’
If you have a usecase for WebXR let them hear your voice on the roadmap!

Thank you Mav. , I’m aware of the 8th wall offering. I would be interested though to have a single Codebase that can be deployed via App / Web on Mobile as Well as XR Headsets.

Is there a way to deploy 8th Wall experiences as regular Apps by using something like Electron on React Native?

I’m sure there are probably some hacky workarounds you could try, but, being a workaround, we wouldn’t provide support for that. You might get some unexpected behavior as well.

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