ARDK Getting Started and Voyage Downloads

Description of the issue:
I downloaded all the exmaple assets and iOS example app Voyage, but Voyage and Getting Started just unzip to named files with no file extention on them. Does anyone know how I’m supposed to use these? Do I not unpack the .tar files? If so what do I do with those.

ARDK sdk package and ARDK example package download and work as intended. A little confused.


Hi Scott,
Sorry to see there is some confusion incorporating Voyage into Unity. Instead of an importable .unitypackage, it’s a Unity project directory that’s been zipped up (so that project settings, etc. can be conserved). Here is a step by step guide:

Additionally, Tarball (.tar) files can be added to Unity through Windows > **Package Manager **> **+ **> Add Package from tarball…

The Getting Started download is a .tar file, while the unity docs page you’ve linked to indicates only .tgz files can be added this way. When I follow these steps, the .tar file i’ve downloaded is not displayed as an option in the Open File dialog.

Same issue here…


I believe you’ll have to un-tar the .tar file first (on Mac OS you can do this by double-clicking in Finder), which will give you a Unity project in the ARDK-Getting-Started directory. You should be able to open that directory from Unity or Unity Hub (you may get warnings about differing Unity versions, depending on the version of Unity you’re using).

The step by step instructions for Building the Getting Started App for iOS can be found here:

Anyone able to get these tar files working? Following the directions in this thread doesn’t fix the issue.

I just downloaded ardk-getting-started-1.0.1.tar from Downloads and un-tar’d the file (on Mac OS), which results in a “ARDK-Getting-Started” directory. I’m then able to use Unity Hub to add that directory as a new project, and then set the version of Unity and open that project in Unity itself successfully.

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Download page is missing, I got 404 error, any owner can fix this?

That page is working on my end, does it show you a login page @mamahow ?

This is the page that isn’t working for you, right?

Thanks Patrick, works for me too.

The exact link not working is under
AR Voyage: A Lightship Demo

Ah yes, that link and Sign in – Niantic Lightship both seem to be down since the 1.1.0 release. If you need the file urgently, I could send you my copy of the older ardk-voyage-1.0.1.tar.gz I have. Feel free to message me here if so!

Hey Patrick,
It looks like download link is back. I can download with ardk-voyage-1.1.0.tar.gz through the link successfully. Thanks for your help and prompt reply. :wink:

Yay! Glad to hear it’s back up and running :slight_smile:

Dear Patrick_Catanzariti, can you send the old version ardk-v1.0.1 and ardk-examples-1.1.0.unitypackage to me? as my computer’s OS was crashed. My email is Many thanks!

I’ve sent that your way @Xulei_Zhang — hope that helps! Best of luck with your computer and with your ARDK work! :slight_smile:

Thanks, and best regards!

Sorry the link seems to be broken, does anyone know where to find the project?

AR Voyage not found here

Hello Natalie,

The link you are attempting to access is from a previous version of the ARDK which has since been deprecated and the link removed. Currently, ARVoyage is going through some fine tuning to improve game board compatibility and integration with the newest version of ARDK, though it is temporarily unavailable. Please keep an eye on the Roadmap and Announcements for updates. Thank you!


Thanks so much Eric,
That sounds amazing too! Am so impressed with how much work and effort Lightship is putting into making these resources available, it really helps, am super excited and looking forward to it

Best and stay well there!!