ARDK Version 2.4 is Here

Lightship ARDK v2.4 has arrived! This release focuses on developer productivity [Full release notes] Key updates:

  • VPS Remote Authoring Beta is now available. Use Remote Authoring tools to create VPS content from within Unity. Download VPS Wayspot meshes and use the Remote Authoring Unity tools to create and position Wayspot Anchors. Save your anchors and use them as you develop your Unity project. Learn more at [[Getting Started with Lightship VPS] (Getting Started with Lightship VPS — Niantic Lightship Augmented Reality Developer Kit release-2.4.1 documentation)]
  • Playback (Experimental) is now supported on Apple Silicon versions of Unity. Use Playback mode to run your AR application inside Unity using recorded AR datasets that contain camera pose data, frame images, and location data.
  • More usability improvements and bug fixes!