ARImageDetectionManager Usage

  • Issue category: ARDK Documentation
  • Host machine & OS version: Windows

Hello, I’m Juan Miguel Rochina. I’m trying to change all my projects to Lightship, because of I prefer to use this new software, and I want to discover all that Lightship offers, but I’m stuck about detecting images with Lighship.

I was reading the documentation, but I don’t understand if I could use the ARImageDetectionManager to pick the images that I want to detect, or I have to do a more complex script like in Image Detection to do that task.

If you want to know more about my project, I have no problem about explaining it, but I think is not rellevant. I only want to detect the images to show models.


Hi Juan, it sounds like you only need to use ARImageDetectionManager for your usage, but it still depends on how you want the image detection to work for your project. Please refer to ARImageDetectionManager’s documentation to see if this addresses your needs.

I think It’s what I need, but there is no example about how to use that. I’m trying to use it, but I’ve not already manage it.

Hi Juan, thank you for your patience, and sorry it took me a while to get back to you. I will see if we can add an example video of some sort for ARImageDetectionManager. Be sure to check back often for updates!

Thanks a lot!!! I have a lot of business now and I have not any time to research about that. I will be following the posts!