Black Ar, from the chairman

New post , wanted to make myself a staple here in time as we traverse this wonderful shift in humanity as concerned with these new creations technologically — I wanted to be the first to say that I’m dedicated a vein of things I do to enable black human capital through augmented reality as a medium as I believe once it transcends the boundaries of app restrictions it will become the new culture, and new social currency mechanism for people worldwide — alas , this means that I’ve incorporated BlackAR in order to achieve these means as a subsidiary of Thepegasusai, Inc. we hope to learn a lot with you , through, for you and from you . Thank you all :))) so honored to be apart of the makings of new frontiers!


So happy to have you as part of this community. Love your mission and looking forward to seeing you empower communities and developers through the platform!

A pleasure to make you acquaintance, @Iman_Jefferson!

I would love to connect and explore ideas!


What did you have in mind ? Where shall be best for connecting. ?

Hi Y’all! Jump into the Discord!

This is so exciting! Nice to meet you.